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Downdraft Workstation / Replacement Filters


Product Description


The Downdraft Anesthesia Work Station with Filter is specifically designed to provide a small bench-mounted unit with unrestricted access for those procedures that are difficult to perform in a fume cabinet. The downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator and an audible alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level.


  • No ducting or installation costs.
  • Integral lighting illuminates the work surface.
  • All mechanisms in the head are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination.
  • The filter clamping mechanism enables the filter to be easily located and ensures an even seal at the filter face.
  • The main filter block can be chosen from fourteen different types which include specialty filters for vapors of acids, mercury and formaldehyde.
  • Total airflow = 145 CFM
  • Work surface face velocity = 80 FPM

Easy to use Control Panel

  • Includes visual alarm for low airflow to indicate pre-filter blockage.
  • Automatic "Time-in-Use" counter.
  • Optional electronic monitoring of both airflow and filter saturation.


  • Airflow - 145 CFM
  • Work Surface Face Velocity - 80 FPM
  • Lighting - 18 watts
  • Fan - Centrifugal
  • Supply - 110V/60Hz
  • Main Filter - 1 x 18 LBS
  • Low noise level - 52 dBA
  • HEPA - Optional
  • Construction - Epoxy coated mild steel
  • Color - White
$125.00 (Fixed shipping cost)