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Product Description

Allows metered delivery of gas in liters per minute. These are anesthesia machine flowmeters and are not designed to be used as a stand-alone.

Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-1 LPM 
Item Number: 411723 

Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-4 LPM 

Standard size used for small animals. 
Item Number: 411722

Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-12 LPM 

Allows higher than standard flows of oxygen, generally used for larger animals, e.g. sheep, swine. 
Item Number: 401726 

Carbon Dioxide Flowmeter, 0-10 LPM

Item Number: 401735 

Carbon Dioxide Flowmeter, 0-12 LPM 

Item Number: 401722 

Medical Air Flowmeter, 0-5 LPM 

Item Number: 401728 

Nitrous Oxide Flowmeter, 0-4 LPM 

Item Number: 401721 

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