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Preset Flow System


Product Description

The VetEquip Preset Flow System (PFS is designed to meet all of the criteria with respect to the AVMA Guidelines when working with small rodents,as well as reduce the potential for individual investigators to deviate from the prescribed SOP. Each unit will have two specific flow devices, keyed with a quick-disconnect, in order to deliver the proper flow to an animal housing cage. The delivered flows in these devices have been predicated on the AVMA guidelines of a flow equal to a displacement rate from 10% to 30% of the chamber volume/min. VetEquip has calculated an average cage size of rodent housing cages (Rat and Mouse) currently on the market from a range of manufacturers. The PSF units are designed to hit the mid-range 20% volume per minute flow criteria, based on this average size cage. The advantage of the PFS over traditional flowmeter assemblies is the inability of the investigator to deviate from the guidelines. In a facility where there are numerous labs using animals, and direct supervision cannot be accomplished, a more restrictive system can be an advantage. This will help assure compliance with guidelines and the SOP of the facility.


*The wall mount units may be purchased and incorporated into systems where an adjustable CO2 regulator is already in service. Outlet pressure of the regulator MUST be set to 30 PSI. Different inlet connectors may be required.

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