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HiRoad Rodent Euthanasia System


The patented HiRoad System  is an automated machine that allows euthanasia to occur with minimal distress to the animals and technicians.

The system features precise “Direct injection technology” that administers Isoflurane into the euthanasia chamber followed by CO2.

                    Unit Features

 *Back lit touchscreen H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface)

*P.L.C. (Programmable Logic Controller)

*Double wall 304 stainless steel construction.

*Red L.E.D. operation status/warning light.

*Green L.E.D. ready/cycle complete light.

*Electronic safety lock.

The unit automatically dispenses anesthesia and CO2. The touchpad is password protected.The electronic locking door prevents opening during operation.  A warning message displayed reminds the technician: CO2 not detected or, change the filter.If the required action is not performed the door locks until the required action is taken.

System administrator may easily program multiple cycles to accommodate various species, CO2 only, Isoflurane  overdose (N.I.H. recommended for pups and neonates) Flow rates of Isoflurane and/or CO2 and effect times are at the discretion of the user.

The HiRoad system is simple to operate and requires minimal training to use.  

Let your common sense decide as to what is truly "Most Humane" 

Take the HiRoad.