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Product Description


An anesthesia system designed for high volume, assembly-line type procedures.


  • Anesthesia can be induced and/or maintained in four chambers, individually or simultaneously.

  • Bain non-rebreathing circuits on each side of the machine allow two investigators to perform procedures simultaneously.

  • Built-in CO2 chamber circuit eliminates the need for a separate euthanasia system, as well as offering the option of O2/CO2 short term anesthesia.

  • Standard configuration includes flowmeters for oxygen and carbon dioxide; line pressure gauges to indicate gas supply from in-house source; precision isoflurane vaporizer; four induction compartments; two breathing circuits; on/off/oxygen flush switches control each of the six circuits independently; separate recovery/euthanasia chamber; and a single waste-gas evacuation port.
$150.00 (Fixed shipping cost)