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RC2 - Rodent Circuit Controller


Product Description


  • Maintain accurate flow rate to any circuit, unlike stopcock or gang-valve delivery systems
  • Simple to use - no calculations
  • Comes with short, easy to follow protocol
  • Specific flow to each animal, regardless of number of circuits in use or length of tubing
  • Connect breathing circuits or chambers - your choice
  • With one vaporizer and 6 individual connections, connect as many circuits or chambers as you need in any combination
  • Lower preset flows mean less waste gases created, resulting in lower trace exposure to investigator
  • Preset flows at the flip of a switch - No flowmeter adjustments
  • Tabletop, Mobile, or Wall-mounted

All oxygen flowrates are independently preset: Circuits 1,2,3, and 4 preset to 1/2 lpm : Sufficient oxygen without excessive waste. - Oxygen flows cannot be set too high causing leaks around nosecones or facemasks.  - Circuits 5 and 6 preset to 1 lpm with oxygen flush assemblies: Faster inductions, chamber saturation takes only 1 or 2 minutes. - Flushing saturated chambers complies with OSHA waste gas recommendations. -  Any combination of circuits can be used without readjusting oxygen flows. - All circuits are unaffected by the resistance occuring in split lines. - Any combination of non-rebreathing circuit styles can be used. - Any circuit length or combination of lengths can be used.

$100.00 (Fixed shipping cost)